Students, Faculty Enjoy Annual Tree-Lighting

On Thursday evening, Florida A&M’s Office of Student Activities hosted the annual Christmas Tree Lighting on the quadrangle in front of the Eternal Flame.

Following the World AIDS Day Vigil, the Christmas tree lighting was open to all students and staff members who wished to be present.

The Christmas tree lighting is a tradition of FAMU dating back more than ten years, according to Henry Kirby, dean of students.

“I can’t think when we didn’t have a Christmas tree lighting. I know at times we have had it located in different parts of the quadrangle,” said Kirby.

The Christmas tree lighting was held following the candlelight vigil for Robert Champion. Kirby mentioned that the holidays are a time of coming together as fellow men partaking in fellowship. The death of Marching “100” Drum Major Robert Champion was also a part of the celebration.

“Certainly, I don’t think anyone, on this campus, can celebrate Christmas without thinking about Robert Champion and his family,” said Kirby.

“So it will add to the ‘specialness’ of the Christmas celebration.

While students begin making plans to go back home and traveling back home, Kirby said he wants students to remember to stay safe. Use the holiday break to rest and return to FAMU renewed and ready for the New Year and new semester.

“Return safely, enjoy yourself and always be safe not only on the highway, but even when you arrive home while going about your regular activities,” Kirby said.