Growing Rich Together

Florida A&M students were educated on the importance of keeping money in the black community.

This week is Support Black business week on campus. Re-Think black money was an event sponsored by FAMU Student Government Association, Alpha Kappa Psi and Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc.

The University Grand Ballroom was set up with Half-horse shoe shaped seating in order for participants to have discussions with one another about their dream business ideas.

Vice President Troy Harris began the conversation by discussing the buying power that African Americans in the United States have and the importance of spending money “the right way.”

“Tallahassee is the second largest city with the most power to change the direction of money being spent in the United States.” said Harris

“What is your one million dollar idea?” was the theme for the night. Students were asked to interact with one another and share with one another their purpose, profession and passion.

Students hoped the seminar would provide a deeper knowledge of the wealth gap among minorities and other races.

Senior Graphic student Steven Pargett said “I hope tonight will exemplify money and the black conscious. I want to share information about Wall street and the occupy movement and where the black community stands in the matter.”

SGA members spread a positive message about stimulating the black community. “I want to spread a message of togetherness so black college students have faith in the products of black peoples collective individuality” said University Vice President Troy Harris

Tallahassee black businesses are in support of the Universities movement. Oleans restaurant gave discounts to FAMU students on Tuesday. Campus Cafe restaurant is offering one dollar off all meals tomorrow along with Leola’s Crab Shack offering 10 percent off for students on Thursday.