Mexican Restaurant Benefits from New Location

Old restaurant reaps benefits of new location

The smell of peppers and ground beef fill the room as one walks in. The sound of laughter and applause marinate the air as the servers entertain their guests.

The newest El Jalisco’s location, a local Mexican restaurant has opened its doors for all to enjoy.

Business partner and manager, Ge naro Ramirez said business on Apalachee Parkway is not as prosperous as the one on North Monroe Street, but said he thinks business will grow.

“Lunch time is slow for now, but dinner is picking up a lot,” Ramirez said. “Business will come.”

There are six El Jalisco’s locations, all within the state of Florida.

Owner Jesus Carranza opened the first El Jalisco’s in Eastpoint, Fla. As business increased locations did too. There are three locations in Tallahassee: Apalachee Parkway, Monroe Street and Kerry Forest Parkway.

Ramirez said El Jalisco’s needs to be in convenient places for all Tallahassee residents. Ramirez said even though college students are key customers El Jalisco’s wants to be available to everyone in Tallahassee.

“El Jalisco’s runs a lot on college kids, but we want to put one on every corner in Tallahassee,” Ramirez said. “We want to cover all the residents in the city, not only college students.”

College students occupy El Jalisco’s on weekends because of popular drink specials, some only $1. Mexican food, vegetarian meals, and lunch specials bring a crowd throughout the week.

The El Jalisco’s on North Monroe Street has a packed patio every weekend. Waiter Jorge Vargas, who serves at that location said he believes business is so good because it’s near college students.

“I think the location on Monroe is the busiest because it’s the gold mine of all El Jalisco’s,” Vargas said. “I’ve been to all the locations in Tallahassee and we’re the busiest.”

Employees said they support the owner’s decision to have a new location, no matter where the location is.

“El Jalisco’s is simply the best,” said Sharielle Johnson, a third-year education student from Tallahassee. “When it comes to restaurants, El Jalisco’s has a style and flavor that remains unmatched.”