Ammons Close to Getting Record Enrollment

Florida A&M surpassed its goal of 14,000 students in summer 2011 by more than 700 students, just 300 shy of 15,000 students enrolled. Finishing its fiscal year ending (FYE) in July 2011 with 14,702 students, and increase of 1,418 from Fall 2010’s enrollment.

With an official head count of 13,209 for Fall 2011, the enrollment rate has dramatically declined due to increased admissions standards and new preparatory requirements for students who have been admitted through the profile assessment process.

FAMU has turned down nearly 2,000 applications but plans to enroll more students in Spring 2012 including many new community college transfers, according to President James H. Ammons while speaking to the Board of Trustees.

“It’s great to see our school growing,” said Matthew Greggs, a fourth-year political science student. ” But in order to achieve our desired goal in excellence, we must raise our standard and not allow just any and everybody in our school.”

Ammoms has stayed committed to achieving his goal of 15,000 students since taking over the presidency back in 2007. The enrollment rate increase plays a crucial in stabilizing the university’s budget.

By the end of this year, FAMU plans to enroll more than 900 new students, according to the universitie’s integrated postsecondary education data system(IPEDS).

Florida Auditor General David W. Martin applauded FAMU for using enrollment growth to fill in the funding gap created by legislative cuts.

“Improving the economic outlook will require a legislative commitment to ensure proper funding of higher education,” Martin wrote in FAMU’s recent financial audit report. “The growth in enrollment will play a key role in continuous financial stability for FAMU.”