SGA Should Strive for As

I support all students being involved on campus and serving our fellow Rattlers in whatever way possible.

But if you think a student who can’t keep a B average GPA should decide where A&S fees should be allocated and everything else, then you’re crazy.

Two student government senators are proposing a bill that the requirement GPA for students to be in SGA should be lowered from a 2.8 to a 2.0.

Absurd? I know.

According to Senators Anthony Siders and Marquise Miller, who are proposing the bill, they believe that any student should be allowed to be in SGA as long as they are paying tuition and are in “academic good standing” with the university.


What happened to students coming to school and getting an education? What graduate school is going to accept a student with a 2.0 GPA? Harvard, Yale, Princeton, FAMU? I think not. Having a 2.0 is not helpful in any way.

Besides, how are they going to lead me?

Most students in SGA represent the school on trips, meetings and recruiting events. I don’t want some average student with only a 2.0 representing me. I want the best and the brightest working on my behalf.

I understand it is hard to maintain a 3.0 GPA. However, a 2.0 should be a walk in the park. All a student has to do is make Cs in every class. So it takes just a little more effort to get an A or a B in one of those simple elective classes we all must take. Then, you could have a 2.5 GPA and, if you continue this throughout your college career, maybe you could even have a 2.8.

Shocking, right?

I understand some students are working full time, support families and may even have children to take care of. I am not discouraging anyone who has 2.0. I am saying strive to do better.

If you proclaim to be a student leader, lead by example in everything you do. That includes having a great GPA.