‘Set Friday’ Goes International with Music

Friday morning, starting at 11 a.m., the set will echo music, but not top 40 hits by Drake and Rihanna. 

It will be International Music Day, so DJ Rasheed will spin cultural music from places around the world.

With the help of Felicia Barnes in student affairs and under the leadership of Joseph Jones, international research and development coordinator this event will be the close of International Education Week. The theme this year is “Reshaping the global landscape through advocacy and education.”

Jones said this week will introduce a creative and diverse climate of embracing various cultures. It will also provide students with information regarding different international opportunities ranging from educational seminars to internships.

“This week will be very helpful for students, being that we are now in a very global economy,” said Jones. “FAMU students are not only competing with other HBCUs and universities, but with people from all around the world.”

The first International Awareness Week was in 2003. Since 2007, the Office of International Education and Development has hosted the event annually. Jones said that not just FAMU students, but many students in the United States lack cultural knowledge and acceptance.

“Students need exposure to a cultural understanding of people around the world in order to be able to effectively compete in the job market,” said Jones.

Barnes said they hope to see just as many students as usual, if not more, on the Set on Friday to listen to different types of music. They also suggest students bring international music with them that the DJ will play upon request.

“We must be receptive to other cultures here at FAMU, especially with such a diverse student body,” said Barnes.

The department said they will host the event every year until they see the same interest in other cultures as they show in American culture.

“Students in other countries are eager to learn about the American heritage,” Jones said. “Why is it that American’s do not wish to learn about other people?”