Students Should Pay More Attention

President Obama may have a chance at winning the elections again. According to Quinnipiac University polls, President Obama and presidential hopeful Mitt Romney are tied in the polls in Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania.

Now for those who don’t know, Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania are the three swing states. These states can make or break an election. Most presidential hopefuls who are running must win at least two of these states. The polls in the swing states generally reflect who will win the presidential election.

“Since 1960, no candidate has won presidency without carrying at least two of these three states,” Quinnipiac reported.

For me, an Obama lover and critic, this is good news. Don’t get me wrong. I am not saying that I will vote for him in this next election, nor am I saying I want him to win. But I know I don’t want him to lose to Herman Cain or Michelle Bachmann.

I generally don’t care about what any polls say, primarily because in previous years I wasn’t old enough to vote. But this coming election I do, because I want to make an informed decision for whom I will vote for in the upcoming election.

I don’t want to vote for Obama just because he is black and a Democrat. I want to ensure his policies and beliefs are aligned with what I believe.

During this upcoming election, I challenge my fellow Rattlers to not only listen to what President Obama says and does, but also to what all the presidential hopefuls in the Grand Old Party are saying as well.

I try and watch every GOP debate. Not because I am a journalist, and we are just boring people who love to be up to date on the most current events; but because I want to explore every possible argument and angle and make my own decisions.

Since I was a child, I would support whatever candidate my grandmother was rooting for and she is a democrat. Now that I am in college and on my own, I want to vote for a candidate because I did research and thought he or she was the best candidate.

This year and next, as we all gather to watch the debates and support whatever candidate, let it be because we’re informed about the polls, the debates and listening to their speeches, not because of who momma and daddy are voting for.