‘One Voice’ Races through Tallahassee for Fallen American Heroes

Operation One Voice, a non-profit corporation made up of firefighters and police officers, made a stop through Tallahassee Wednesday to spread the message of hope wounded or fallen Special Forces officers and their families.

Runners started their journey in Duluth, Ga., where the organization was founded. The purpose of the 480-mile run is to honor officers and veterans who have been wounded in duty or training. The group organized shortly after 9/11 to show support for the Special Forces community and their families.

“This is our way of returning the favor to Special Forces officers who often find themselves falling through the cracks when they get hurt overseas,” said Sergeant Gavin Larremore.

Operation One Voice has provided transportation, rehabilitation equipment, medical assistance funds and overall support to wounded officers, veterans and their families. Since 2002, the organization has raised over $1 million for families in need.

The group started its Tallahassee run at the Leon County Civic Center and ended at the state capital, where they gave a press conference recognizing members of the community and the Tallahassee Police Department for their support. Local Tallahassee business owner Casie Reinholt was introduced to the group by a friend and said it was something she had to be apart of.

“From day one with meeting with them, it’s been nothing but excitement and passion,” Reinholt said. “You can really tell they really care about what they’re doing.”

She plans to keep supporting the organization through her business by planning more fundraising events in December.

“It’s been a unique experience,” said Reinholt. “Everyone really came together from all different ranks.”

The city of Tallahassee has been involved with Operation One Voice for the last five years. The group will finish its run in Tampa.

“A lot of our officers have previous military experience, or are still serving in the military in the reserve,” said Jones. “As a Vietnam veteran, to me its really a special tribute and fundraiser to those families who has lost a loved one.”