Basketball Twins Stand Out

They may not be identical, but their uniqueness and strong personalities make them stand out.

Kaylin and Jamie Foreman are twin sisters from South Carolina who have a type of togetherness and connection that has excelled them to the collegiate basketball level.

In high school, Jamie averaged 19 points, 12.3 rebounds, three assists, three block and three steals per game. She was the Augusta Chronicle Basketball Player of the Year. She also scored 1,362 points overall in high school.

Kaylin averaged 10.3 points, 119 rebounds, two assists, 1.3 blocks and two steals per game her senior year. She lettered four years in basketball, and made the all-region team in both volleyball and basketball.

But it’s not their individual performances that have players and coaches talking about them. It’s the performance they display on the court together that excites fans.

“The have a very close relationship,” said head women’s basketball coach LeDawn Gibson. “One knows where the other is at all times on the court. That is what is so very unique about them.”

Kaylin and Jamie have been playing basketball since they were ten years old.

“Our dad played basketball when he was younger, and he inspired us to play the game,” said Jamie.

“We played AU league basketball together and traveled together,” said Kaylin. “And, also, playing with the other guys in the neighborhood got us wanting to play.”

By playing together, they have been able to gain some very impressive skills.

“They can read each other very well,” said Gibson. ” If Jamie goes high, she knows Kaylin is about to cut baseline.

She can drop it right to her because Jamie is a nice passer. Kaylin can pass it also when she is looking for her sister. She does not turn the ball over. It’s just that connection they have.”

“When Jamie was at guard and I would be at the post,” said Kaylin. “I would know when to cut, and she would dash the ball without even looking. She knows that I am there. It’s just a reaction.”

Their dream was always to stay together and play together on a collegiate level.

“We always said we would stay together,” said Jamie. “We feed off each other.”

Both Jamie and Kaylin had opportunities to attend other universities and colleges, and the chance to stay closer to their hometown.

“She is like a mother to us,” Kaylin said. “When we came here on the visit and talked to her on the phone. She just seemed as a mother figure and someone to look up to. That’s what really made us come here.”

The duo is adjusting college life together, and is taking six classes. Four of them they take together.

“Dealing with school work and then going to practice is tiring sometimes, but we know what this is something that we really want to do, so we pull it out,” said Jamie.

The Foreman sisters now have their eyes on their next’s goal: one day playing together professionally.

“I want us to go to the next level together,” said Jamie. “If we stick together, we can make it to the MEAC Championship, and get further than that.”