Album Review: Wale’s ‘Ambition’

With his sophomore album, “Ambition” now in stores, Wale has more than earned the second slot on the Billboard charts.

The Washington D.C. native got a second chance in the music industry when he rapped for rapper Rick Ross in a Miami nightclub, and well, the rest is history. Wale is now part of Maybach Music Group (MMG) under Rick Ross’ management.


Wale’s “Ambition” is what previous fans can appreciate. With tracks like “Lotus Flower Bomb,” “Focused” and “Ambition,” Wale keeps the same drive he presented on previous mixtapes, which has built his foundation of a strong fan base.


By the fourth track, “Legendary,” you’ll realize the “Maybach poetic genius” has put all the talks about him becoming an overnight thug to rest. Wale stays clear of the stereotype that has worked successfully for his group members (Rick Ross, Meek Mill, and Pill).


“F*** fame, f** money, and f*** everything anyone can take from me,” Wale says simply to critics.


Track six, titled “Louts Flower Bomb,” features R&B recording artist Miguel and is obviously targeting the ladies. Wale is known for appreciating women through his music in his own witty poetic way, and shows his admiration for women who work hard to get what they want.


“Chain Music” takes the album on a detour to a warehouse with speakers blasting a Tone P production beat as Wale performs to all the females that once rejected him.


“I was hoping you would notice where my mind is, put money in a book bet these b****** wouldn’t find it…where I’m from broke n**** don’t get no love.”


Wale drags his brutal honesty all the way to the fifteenth track. He made peace and reconnected with former friend Kid Cudi just in time for “Focused.” Lloyd, Big Sean and Ne-Yo also make appearances on the album.


Beginning the track with a short poem “D.C. or nothing,” the second to last song is dedicated to Wale’s hometown. He expressed his concerns about everything from politics to little girls getting caught in a low self-esteem cycle that cause his heartaches.


Wale is staying in his own lane with his delivery of what the fans have waited for.