New Eatery Fails to ‘WOW’ All Students

The opening of a new café and wingery in the cafeteria has left students with mixed emotions.

On Monday, Sodexo, Inc., opened a World of Wings Café and Wingery, a new restaurant in the food court on the lower level of the Cafeteria.

Jhimeirra Barrington, the daytime supervisor for the food court, said the sauces they have are different.

“Business was exceptional on the first day,” Barrington said. “It was a success.”

Although the lines for the new café were almost at the entrance yesterday, many students were dissatisfied after they learned that the new wingery café did not have wings on the menu.

“It’s false advertisement,” said Lucas Melton, a fourth-year political science student from Columbus, Ga. “Sodexo would only do that at a black university.”

Barrington said though students have complained about the lack of wings on the menu, they’re not making a big deal about it.

“They’re just happy that it’s something new and it’s more than what they had,” she said.

The menu options include burgers, wraps, salads, quesadillas, fries, mozzarella sticks, chicken tenders a nd even fried pickles.

The café, which is supposed to represent a New Orleans style of seasoning and taste, offers a of seasoning and taste, offers a variety of different sauces. Students are able to pick from three different types of buffalo sauces to homemade specialty honey mustard, teriyaki, Cajun, specialty ranch, Asian and a Texas and Kansas barbecue sauce.

Jamaal Rose, a fourth-year political science student from Tallahassee, was not moved by the innovation.

Rose, who ordered chicken tenders said he expected the seasoning to be a little more extravagant.

“The most disappointing aspect of it was the fact that I came anticipating wings,” he said.

Many students said they were content with the options, but said the meals are too pricy.

“This place is too high,” said Shana Grant, a third-year elementary education student from Tallahassee.

Grant paid $7 for a box of chicken tenders and fries and said the only way she would eat there in the future is if she’s starving.

There were also students who said that they enjoyed the food and were satisfied with the service.

Tarvontae Mcaffie, a third-year nursing student from St. Petersburg, said he would purchase from the new café anytime.

“It’s very good,” Mcaffie said. “I feel like I got my money’s worth.”

The operations manager for the food court, Stephen Andre, said that the franchise’s policy (World of Wings) requires franchises to be in business for a year before wings can be added to the menu.