Can’t We All Just Have a Peaceful Memory?

Michael Jackson has been dead for almost three years now and you people will not get over it.

Instead of allowing the memory of the gloved almighty to live on as it should, people would rather parade around and praise the decision to sentence of a man who shouldn’t be condemned.

As iconic as the smooth criminal was, we all knew that the guy needed a little “help.” He did things that often left everyone scratching their heads about its logic.

Dr. Murray may have done things that went against many forms of ethics, but Mike was on a slippery slope with decision making since he bought that monkey Bubbles.

Following the case wasn’t a priority, seeing as so many other relevant things were going on; like $1.99 chicken nuggets.

Let’s try something else: leave this man alone and quit trying to blame somebody for a death that wasn’t his fault. The moonwalker was a grown man and knew that he had taken more propofol than was prescribed. It’s time that the people who want to avenge his death come to grips with the reality of the situation.

Now, a doctor’s life has been ruined. He is sentenced to four years in jail, although he will probably only do a few months with the crowded Los Angeles cells.

The lesson in this is that people need to realize when there is nothing to fight over, we shouldn’t fight. You can ruin the life of someone who doesn’t deserve it. Besides, if Mike was still alive, we would have him in court anyway.