‘School House’ Launches FAMU Line at Bookstore

Rattler pride is splattered everywhere on the campus when it comes to looking for school supplies and Rattler apparel. Fortunately for the fashionable Rattlers, the bookstore has introduced a new clothing line called School House.

School House is a collegiate brand for students looking for more than just the average college t-shirt. The company recently launched its FAMU line in the bookstore.

“Being that I am a transfer student from Palm Beach State College and have no FAMU attire, I would definitely be interested in buying it,” said Kathy St. Julien, a third-year occupational therapy student from West Palm Beach, Fla.

The company’s founder, Rachael Weeks, started the company as a student while studying ethical manufacturing in Sri Lanka. Weeks started the company because she was disappointed in the clothing options for her at the college bookstore. Weeks’ company has grown from her first order at Duke University to having more than 80 colleges on the roster.

School House is not only a company founded on the basis on fashion, but for the support of people. School House‘s founding mission is to pay workers a fair living wage. All of the company’s production is made in America and has a supply chain that is locally based in North Carolina.

“The clothing is very appealing to the eye because the colors are so unique and stand out compared to other universities,” said Tasha St. Pierre, a third-year occupational therapy student from Latana, Fla.