Let’s All Get Married Now… Kim Did It.

72 days later, and it’s all over.

All the hard work of every staff member has gone to waste.

The camera, make-up and dress crew, who taped every false move to Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries’ wedding, literally walked their time over to a trash can and threw it away.

This is a joke.

I was standing in line while my groceries were being rung up, and glanced over at a tabloid that read Kardashian and Humphries were getting a divorce.

I immediately looked behind me, then to both sides. I was convinced that there were hidden MTV cameras and I was being “Punk’d.” I walked out furious and went straight to my laptop when I got home. Before I could type anything in the Yahoo search bar, there it was.

It was true.

My net check has lasted longer than this marriage. The semester has lasted longer than this marriage. But we had to see this coming, right? No one’s really still in shock, are they?

Kardashian is E! network’s moneymaker. Kardashian was 32 and unmarried and Humphries was a fool. That equals Kardashian’s Fairytale Wedding: the two-day wedding event aired 20 days after being heavily promoted.

A wedding that cost about $10 million is now put to rest, not to mention this wedding’s revenue. That’s $10 million dollars that could have saved lives, fed the hungry, placed the homeless in homes and gave the unfortunate a ticket to a brand new life.

Kardashian just had to have her dream wedding, even if that meant getting a simple-minded NBA player who’s now a free agent to play along. Humphries was just a pawn. Not a very smart one, considering that he will be walking away from the marriage with nothing.

I mean really, what did he lose, other than time? He had that anyway.

Kardashian on the other hand, was probably too caught up in her “perfect wedding” that she didn’t stop to think how much of an insecure, selfish, desperate joke she would appear to everyone who was keeping track of her over-publicized wedding. Which was anyone who had access to cable or Internet.

It is ironic how Kardashian can play dress-up and have a staged wedding while there are people of the same sex who are already living a married-like lifestyle who can’t. Same sex marriage is only legal in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Iowa, Vermont, New Hampshire and Washington, D.C.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, about eighty percent of all marriages end because of “irreconcilable differences.” With the divorce rate increasing, Kardashian just proved that marriage is not taken seriously. I was over this wedding before it even began. I’m over the divorce. I’m over all the prenuptial bickering and I’m over Kim Kardashian.

What a joke.