Herman Cain needs to tell the truth

Herman Cain… what can I say about Mr. Cain?

Well for starters, that hat you’re wearing all the time, yeah the one that looks like that farmer’s hat Johnny Depp wore in The Secret Window… get rid of it.

And with that being said, on to something more serious.

Herman Cain has been accused by two women of sexually assaulting them in 1999. And true to campaign fashion it has “leaked” and is nationwide knowledge. Now, both women have been locked in a confidentiality agreement by the company Cain worked for and one of the women was paid $35,000.

Cain claims this “scandal” is false and is racially motivated, because no one wants to see a black man succeed in being the GOP’s candidate.  

Look, I’m not saying he did and I’m not saying he didn’t. But if he is innocent and the claims that he was inappropriate with the two women are false…why were they locked in a confidentiality agreement and why was one of them paid off?

We are all old enough and politically aware enough to know how campaigns and politics work. In order for one candidate to look good, somebody has to look slightly or equally bad. And ladies and gentlemen, this is not Herman Cain’s shiny moment that he has come accustomed to these last few weeks.

 What’s the best way to knock a politician down?

Waits for answers…

Secret love child? Sure. But not always effective.

A sex scandal?! Ding ding ding! Right answer. Most politicians never come back after a sex scandal. But then again that is because most of them are guilty.

But here is my view on the situation…

If you know there is some kind of questionable, morally conflicting skeleton in your closet, why even run?

It has been proven time and time again that someone is going to find out. And don’t let it be your “enemy,” because it will be public knowledge before the week is over. Where is Herman Cain’s lawyer or public relations manager? Somebody he could have had a heart to heart with him before he ran.

Would they advise him not to run because of the possibility of a scandal? Would he have listened? Or would he have done the same thing he did this time. Tell conflicting stories that don’t exactly make him look innocent. The world will never know. But from what I can tell, that sex scandal couldn’t have come at a more definably worst time for Cain.

I guess I can say good luck on pulling the race card.

But if the woman who wants to break her confidentiality agreement gets the chance to tell her story, I hope you have your story straight. Or you could just…tell the truth.