Bring back the NBA


Ok, I’m bored now. Thursday was supposed to be the official day when the Heat played the Magic, and it is not happening.

Now things have gotten out of hand with this lockout nonsense. The pressures of knowing that the 3A love of my life (1. God 2. My mom 3A. Miami Heat 3B. My daughter (the heat were here first)) is not going to be around for the time they are supposed to be is becoming an assault on my nerves.

Revenue sharing is not supposed to be this much of a hassle. Millionaires versus billionaires is one of the silliest confrontations that has ever been invented and should be put out of its misery pretty soon.

 Listen Howard Stern, I am not amused by the NBA’s attempt to keep the rich rich and the richer richer. All I care about is Wade, LeBron and Bosh winning my team a ring. The storylines on ESPN have become a snooze fest and this is the reason why.

Plenty of teams need to play anyway so their cities can benefit from the teams’ revenue. Oklahoma City depends heavily on the Thunder for the income of most of its city’s bars.

Other cities with similar problems include: Sacramento, Golden State, Indiana and Memphis.

Places like New York, Chicago and Miami, all with championship aspirations, have to wait until somebody decides to be the bigger person and think about the fans.

Waiting is for the birds. And I have grown tired of trying to fly.