FAMU PD: Crime Drops Steadily over Last Year

The Florida A&M Department of Public Safety has released its annual report, complete with crime statistics from the last three years.

According to the report’s findings, the most frequently reported crime, burglary, decreased by 34 percent since the 2008-09 year. Robberies decreased by 71.4 percent since 2009-10, and by nearly 90 percent over three years. The report also reveals that there were no reported rapes during the 2009-10 school year. The number of on-campus arrests decreased by 70 percent over the three-year period examined in the report.

From 2007-10, no hate crimes were reported on the main campus or any of the satellite campuses. 

Lt. Norman Rollins, FAMUPD’s patrol commander said the department has and will continue undertaking measures to decrease crime. 

“There are some initiatives we have taken in terms of our staffing and with the utilization of our officers when it comes to patrolling and investigating crimes,” Rollins said. 

He said that an increase or decrease in the prevalence of crime, however, does not necessarily depend on efforts made by law enforcement.

“Not only are we finding more efficient ways to use manpower, we are also integrating crime prevention, community-policing and also doing things to make the citizens more aware,” said Rollins.

He said making members of the university community aware of how not to become a victim is key to reducing the frequency of crime on campus.

“Victimization education plays a big role in prevention,” he said.

Briana Fife said she has noticed the decrease in crime since her first year.

“I feel much safer on campus. I never had anything taken from me and never been violated,” said Fife, a sophomore student who walks on campus at night to go to the library.

In an effort to keep students safe and the occurrence of crime low, the Department of Public Safety has several preventative measures.

The e2Campus alert system instantly notifies the university of any hazards or safety concerns via email or cell phone. All students are encouraged to sign up for the service.

Also, the department monitors the emergency blue light system, which facilitates the report of emergencies throughout campus. When one of the strategically placed lights is activated, FAMUPD is able to geographically pinpoint the location of a reported incident.

Along with the emergency blue light system, the department also monitors 75 closed-circuit cameras that operate for 24 hours daily.

In the event of natural disasters, the university has two Federal Warning Center sirens, one placed by the band practice field and the other behind the Dyson Pharmacy building.

The report also includes safety tips and programs, information on parking enforcement regulations and a list of numbers for area law enforcement agencies.

FAMUPD encourages students to report the incidence of crime or suspicious activity by calling (850) 599-3265 or by dialing 911.