Pink-Tie Ball Highlights Noble Cause

Thursday night, I put on my black dress with ruffles and my hot pink pumps. Pink lipstick, pink blush, pink eye shadow, (but not too much) and my pink ribbon pin as I headed to Hotel Duval Level 8 to enjoy a night of fun and remembrance for the Annual Pink Tie Ball.

As I entered the area where students, professionals and non-professionals were, I was in awe by the sight of immense chandeliers that hung over 10 tables draped in pink or white cloths. The aroma of chicken filled the air and teased the appetite of some.

I have been to Hotel Duval Level 8 before, but on this night each decoration added something special to this event.

As Diann Fitz-Williams of the College of Pharmacy took to the podium, everyone listened as she gave her testimony of her battle with cancer.

Williams was dolled-up in a light pink, two-piece suit embellished with small rhinestones. She told the audience she never asked God why this happened to her.

Her story was moving and inspirational. I too have had a loved one battle cancer. It is not easy to watch someone you love struggle while knowing there is no way to help them.

Williams said, “Here I am,” by artist Marvin Sapp was her theme song during her battle with cancer. This song gave her continued strength to endure her fight for her life.

This was my first time attending the Annual Pink Tie Ball so I was surprised that more than 100 people were in attendance.

I enjoyed the event because all proceeds were donated to the Susan G. Komen breast cancer foundation. More than $1000 was raised.

There were spoken word performances and a musical performance by a group WordLife, according to the program handed out at the ball.

Most of the students who were in attendance adorned themselves in pink.

The family of a breast cancer survivor met SGA Vice President Troy Harris outside of the hotel and was invited to come and join in the festivities.

I’ve attended several SGA events and don’t always feel as if they’re helpful, but the event was dynamic. If you have never been, attend next year and wear pink.