Brothas Call It Jungle Fever, but Sistas Call it Selling Out

Why do some black women have such a problem when black men date outside their race?

Well, there are many branches on this tree.

Historically, it can be traced back to how black males were constantly depicted as being lust-crazed over white women with the stereotype of the “black brute.”

It could be because of the hundreds of lynch mobs who murdered innocent black men after being wrongfully accused of raping or even looking at a white man’s daughter.

So are black men perpetuating the stereotype by fulfilling some fantasy of tasting the forbidden fruit?

This theory is not too farfetched. We see it all the time when successful black athletes add the attractive white woman to their arm among the checklist of other things that they equate with success, including the Rolls Royce and the big house with the red door.

Maybe this is the black man’s way of sneaking back into the master’s house, kicking him out and taking his daughter with him. I’ve actually heard some of my black male friends joke of how they plan to “get rich and get a white girl.” Is this the ultimate act of revenge against the white man in a world where black men are often made to feel powerless?

On another branch, according to the U.S. Department of Justice there were 846,000 black men incarcerated in 2008. Black men make up 40.2 percent of all prison inmates. That’s about ten percent of the black male population in the U.S. aged 24-29.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, black women outnumber black males with college degrees 3 to 1. When you look at these statistics, black women actually have more reason to date outside of the race than black men, but it is still not something you see as often.

Why is that? Historically, black women have been more loyal when it comes to upholding the institution of the black family.

Have we somehow scared away our own men to date outside of the race? Two stereotypes fit into this theory. One is the abrasive, loud, intimidating black woman and the other is that women of other races are more likely to put up with the black man’s stereotypical beliefs. Most black men can’t handle a black woman’s natural tendency to speak our minds, or they can’t compete with our level of success.

Most black women have at one point picked from one of these theories to justify rolling their eyes or sucking their teeth when a biracial couple walks by. I know I have.

I believe that people have very little influence on love. However, it’s wrong to deliberately choose to date outside of the race.

Any way one wants to twist and turn the facts to justify why they choose to only date people outside of their race, I believe that it comes from a place of racism and/or self-hate.