Students Weigh In on Obama’s Student Loan Proposal


As President Barack Obama announced his student loans plan, students spoke out about college financial issues.

Andre Jacobs, who is currently not enrolled due to financial issues, said he had to start a business to help pay for school.

“Through the struggle a lot of things have opened up,” said Jacobs, Peekskill, NY native.

 “I am grateful and I’m staying positive,” he added.

If the Congress will pass the bill at a speedy rate, Jacobs said he will be helped greatly.

“If they just give it a chance and believe in it, I think it will be a great opportunity.”

Although Congress is needed to pass the bill, Leon County Election Supervisor, Ion Sancho, said the students at the college level must vote in order to see change.

“Politicians respond to those who vote,” said Sancho, “and they know college students don’t vote. Therefore they disrespect college age students.

Sancho said politicians rely on students not to vote because students are unaware.

“Politicians believe they can stand on the necks of students because they are powerless,” Sancho said.

FAMU Student Government President, Breyon Love, said his administration is working to get students to vote.

“Student loans are under attack and we want to make sure our students are fighting at the forefront of the battlefield for their money,” said Love.