Board of Trustees Meets to Discuss Ammons’ Contract


The Florida A&M Board of Trustees met on Thursday at 5:30 p.m. to consider proposed amendments to President James Ammons’ contract.

Trustee Solomon Badger presided over the meeting.

On Oct. 3, the Ad-hoc Committee of the BOT met to propose the recommendations made at Thursday’s meeting. 

Among the recommendations up for consideration was the removal of the “evergreen” clause from Ammons’ contract.

Instead, the Ad-hoc committee recommended that Ammons be placed on a five-year contract, which gives the board leverage to renew it at their discretion.

Along with the dissolution of the evergreen clause, members voted unanimously to consider a salary increase of about 4 percent to the president’s contract.

“This amendment(s) reflects the support the Board has for the president and provides it with the flexibility for you (Ammons) to continue to provide the strong leadership that you have since 2007,” Badger said.

Also, the board will consider the president’s eligibility for a performance bonus that would be 10 percent of his base pay. Ammons’ base pay is compensated by the state.

The rest of his salary is paid by the FAMU Foundation. 

The board also considered a $55,000 retention bonus to be paid at the end of the contract in 2016.

Trustee Kelvin Lawson chaired the Ad-hoc Committee.

“I want to acknowledge Trustee Lawson for his work on this delicate matter,” Badger said at the end of the meeting.

The board will meet on Dec. 7, at the College of Law in Orlando for a final vote on the amendments.

“I’d like to thank the Board for your confidence in me to continue to push the university forward,” Ammons said.