Raising A Man Starts Now

When I found out I was pregnant, I was frightened.

When I found out the sex of my baby, I was elated.

After the ultrasound technician said, “Congratulations, it’s a boy,” I was ecstatic. I did not want to give birth to a little girl. God knew exactly what he was doing.

As a child, I always envisioned my children would be boys. My parenting theory is very different from those that I know with daughters. Boys should be raised as though they are already grown men. One day they will have to provide for their families. I do not want him to be a rude person; however I do not want him to be a pushover or a follower either. I want him to be a strong black man.

I believe there is a double standard when it comes to raising your children based on their gender. It is true; women cannot do the same thing as a man and get away with it.

I am a very aggressive and passionate person, and I am raising my son Sevin to be the exact same way: Sevin will be an innovator and a trendsetter.

People often question the way I handle my son. I do not and I have not ever spoken to him in baby talk. I speak clearly and sternly.

When I was younger, my peers often laughed at me and said that I was going to be a mean mommy. Of course, I would not call myself mean, I’m just a disciplinarian.

As a child, Sevin plays, spits, fights and does everything a normal 16-month-old child would do. Although he has a fun time, he knows when it is time to put everything away and get ready for bed.

When I clean my house, Sevin helps. I am training him to be a good man, a great provider for his family, and an excellent father.