Tallahassee Hosts ‘Sustainable You’ to Talk Green

The City of Tallahassee will present the “Sustainable You” conference next Monday and Tuesday in the Turnbull Conference Center at Florida State.

The conference will highlight the city’s efforts to implement “cutting-edge sustainability practices and policy,” according to the Collins Center for Public Policy, which sponsors the program.

The conference will feature three keynote speakers including Majora Carter, an environmental advocate and national community garden expert from South Bronx, New York, and Mayor Bob Dixson of Greensburg, Kan., which is the first city in the nation to have all of its buildings constructed to Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design standards.

Participants at the conference will be introduced to the city’s goal of becoming more sustainable by taking “sustainability tours” around the city on Monday, visiting places like The Sharing Tree, located on the campus of Lively Technical Center, which focuses on reusing donated materials.

“In general, what we want to do is create a broader spectrum that’s real and applicable for residents and educate them on what they can do in the community,” said Cynthia Barber, director of environmental policy for the City of Tallahassee.

Those attending the conference will be able to participate in workshops that focus on four main tracts of sustainability: leadership, sustainability professionals, sustainability for higher education and grass roots sustainability for everyday citizens.

“This event gives residents a chance to hear great speakers, attend workshops and be exposed to sustainability efforts around the city,” said

Veronique George, event planner and lead staffer over sustainability marketing for the city.

Following the conference on Monday, there will also be a reception and a fashion show.

“Local food companies like Earth Fare will also be on hand to demonstrate how to garden at home and use best practices for eating healthy, saving money, and lessening your impact on the environment,” said Barber.

The event kicks off Monday at 8:30 a.m. and Tuesday at 8 a.m.

Tickets are available online and students may apply for student scholarships to receive their ticket for only $25 at talgov.com/eper.

Guests may also visit talgov.com/eper for more information about the conference.