Where’s Our School Spirit?

Let’s define school spirit.

Oh yeah, We can’t. That’s because as a student body we have none.

I’m not talking about the occasional “let’s get dressed up and go to homecoming” type. More like the “let’s make the opposing team shiver at the thought of attending any sporting event on the Hill.”

Successful teams on campus are disheartened because after football season ends, most students are sitting around counting down the days until the first tip-off of basketball.

I understand scheduling conflicts, but when the stands are packed with SGA members and the Strike team for another Bragg Stadium showdown, I wonder where are those same fans who adorn full body paint for our National Championship tennis team’s one home match. Where is the student pride at the Florida A&M relays, Webster Surgical Invitational or during baseball season? When can Simply Marvelous get some love?

When can we expect capacity seating at a volleyball game or softball showdown? There isn’t even love for our golf team (yes we have a golf team). Can we show a little support for our swimmers who still need a pool? Or maybe even the soccer team that’s in its inaugural season.

The problem doesn’t just lie with the student body. It rests with every member of marketing, who only choose to promote the sports that are important to “black people” as opposed to promoting all of our peers.

They practice just like everyone else and most of them are more passionate about what they do than the athletes and sports we keep placing on a pedestal.

This isn’t a condemnation on people and their interest.

It just serves as notice that as a school, we should invest a portion of our attention to some of the things that we take for granted.