Presidential Candidates Need to Talk about Solutions

I am so over it. This year’s Grand Ole party presidential candidates are just working my nerves. And although I love President Barack Obama, he hasn’t convinced me either.

It seems as if every candidate is interested in pleasing a political party and not doing what is best for this country. Governor Mike Huckabee said it best: “Politicians don’t care about the people, they care about the voters.”

This statement is the epitome of the presidential campaign.

Take businessman Herman Cain. He has this so- called brilliant 9-9-9 plan that will impose a tax increase in many states, and he is also very vocal about his opinions on poor people and the Wall Street take over. He believes all of the poor should blame themselves for their situation and not big business and the government.

I don’t hate Cain. My issue is with all of the racial comments. Cain said, “Many African-Americans have been brainwashed into not being open-minded. Not even considering a conservative point of view.”

Sorry, I do not believe all black people have been brain washed. Most people are Democrats because they believe in their party’s vision. My mother is a Republican and has been for more than 35 years. The last time I looked at the TV, he was black. So was he brainwashed in being a Republican?

Rep. Michelle Bachmann said if she became president (which I doubt), she would turn the lights off in the department of education. In other words, she would abolish the Department of Education on the federal level. She also said her reasoning for doing this is because she believes education funds should be allocated by the states, “localizing,” is what she calls it. Well, I call it idiotic.

In the state of Florida alone, her fellow Tea Party member Gov. Rick Scott reportedly cut $300 million in education. If you turn the lights off in the Department of Education, no student will have a chance at a good education. No wonder students in Florida can’t pass the Florida Comprehension Assessment Test; they can’t read. Why? Because we are “localizing.”

Rep. Ron Paul and Gov. Rick Perry have yet to say anything that is extremely stupid. I agree with Perry that immigrant children should be educated; we can’t allow these children to come into our country and never give them a chance to advance themselves. If we don’t educate them we will create a new class of underdogs. And Paul is just funny too me; however he does seem to have logical solutions to our country’s problems.

By the way, where is President Obama? I am glad Obama passed the Healthcare bill, but his job is not over. I would like to see more bills that will help stop our country from being so dependent on oil. This will not only boost our economy and provide jobs, but it will stop us from being so dependent on foreign oil. This is a necessary investment and maybe it will keep the GOP from wanting him to be a one- term president.

However, I am not going to give my personal opinion on every candidate. I am starting a new party called The Realists: people who come up with realistic solutions for real problems.

We aren’t trying to please anyone; we are just trying to do what is right and what makes sense. And if we don’t have a solution, we will seek expert advice. We won’t just come up with some “brilliant” plan on a whim. And turning the lights out in the department of education is not one of them.