Flag Football Star Erika Collins Shines for ‘Simply Marvelous’

Florida A&M’s national championship flag football intramurals program is led by someone who is homegrown. Erika Collins has become one of the team’s premier players in only a year’s time.

Collins, a physical therapy student and graduate of FAMU DRS, is now a dominant player for Simply Marvelous.

Since her days at the YMCA, flag football has always been a part of her life. It has since grown into a passion.

“I love sports and any sport I can play I will play. Football was just another opportunity to do what I loved,” Collins said.

Collins has been recognized as one of the best players in the All Big Bend festival throughout her high school career. She is also a two-time national champion with FAMU’s squad.

When it comes to being a dominant player, Collins said the title comes more from everyone else than from her. She just loves to express the kid inside of her heart.

“I just consider myself Erika,” Collins said. “I want to play, have fun, be cool with everyone and win.”

Assistant coach Derrick Folsom described Collins as an on-field assassin. He said her knowledge of the game allows her to use her physical gifts to her advantage with ease.

“Erika is like a butcher; she slices through defenses like a sharp knife,” Folson said. “She’s humble, willing to learn and always has a smile.”

Head coach Marvin Green said coaching Collins has been a pleasure. He also said her work ethic is what enables her to achieve heights other players cant reach.

“Erika is an awesome player and an even greater person. She is a humble hard worker who is the epitome of silent leader,” Green said. “She embodies the motto ‘actions speak louder than words.’ It’s great to have a young player with those attributes who is already a star, but still wants to get better.”

Collins’ ultimate goal is to make her parents, coach and team proud of her. She wants to complete the goals set by the team and build a sisterhood with the ladies of Simply Marvelous.

Collins said she really wants to win more National Championships and go undefeated this season.