Persephone’s Perspective: Don’t Let Monogamy Breed Monotony

Being in a monogamous relationship for an extensive amount of time can become quite boring. Especially when it seems that there is never time to spend with one another and you are continuously doing the same activities over and over.

I know this from my personal experience. Juggling school and all other organizations you are involved with while trying to maintain a relationship can be difficult. And, most importantly, it could put a strain on your relationship.

So what can you do to ensure that there is never a dull moment, or that your relationship is not going down hill?

Date. Continue to date each another. Go out to the movies or dinner, or maybe even double date with another couple.

Keeping the spice in relationship does take a little work and it does not always require a trip to the sex shop. But, if you put in the necessary amount of time, I promise your relationship will reap the benefits.

Always look for something new and try it together. If there is a new restaurant in town, go together. Maybe even try a new cooking recipe. Try a Sunny-Side-up Herbed tart, or maybe Mini bacon quiches. Cook it together; this will allow you to spend time with one another while exploring something new.

Who knows? You may find out that your partner is a better cook than you, or that they are just greedy and love to eat. I know I am.

If the weather permits, take a walk through the park, or maybe go to a Mixed Martial Arts gym and take classes together. Not only will you get to release some stress, but you will also get a great workout.

Take a ride to another city, or explore the city that you are in. There are museums, monuments and historical landmarks that you can visit together. Just visit your city’s local website. It will inform you of events and the history of where you are.

Plan a vacation together. Even if you don’t go anywhere, planning allows you to see what you both would enjoy or what you two would look forward to doing while away.

A relationship requires work and time just the same as any other job, or activity. But that does not mean it should be boring. Nor does it mean that sex is the only option. There are other meaningful ways to spend time with your partner while spicing up the relationship.