No, I don’t ‘Talk White’

When I was younger, people used to tell me that I sounded white. Every time I heard someone say it I would roll my neck as I responded, “No I’m not, I’m speaking English.”

Even as a child I knew that there was something wrong with that statement. Now that I am older, I’ll probably still roll my neck and let you know that what you said is wrong, but I’ve discovered that it’s a much deeper issue. This phrase that once upset me is now a red flag because it signifies that we still have work to do. First of all, you can’t “sound white or black.”

When did it become impossible to be black and articulate? Unfortunately, people don’t realize what they are implying when they tell someone that they sound white. It is a reflection of how you view yourself as an individual. By saying the phrase it only contributes to this false notion that black people are incapable of being intellectual. We are capable of doing great things so let’s start saying that to each other instead. Stop telling people they talk or sound white. Please be more mindful of what you say.