Flag football teams crank up


The Florida A&M University campus recreation men’s intramural flag football teams, Aristotle and Lauderdale Bucs, were triumphant at their games Wednesday night.   
The seven-on-seven player games were intense, with each team striving to win against their opponent.  The first two teams to compete were Aristotle and Polk County Express.
Team Aristotle hit the field in their blue jerseys with intensions of winning.  They defeated their opponents, Polk County Express, 40-19.      
The Green Division 2011 preseason champions, Lauderdale Bucs, defeated Team Duval in the second set of games with a score of 35-6.  Team Duval only scored one touchdown during the game.  
The Bucs had a crowd of fans cheering them on as they easily scored against Team Duval’s struggling defensive line.  The fans were excited to see their favorite team score touchdown after touchdown.     
The Patriots, who were also schedule to compete, forfeited yesterday with a no show leaving the Bottom Boyz as the winners.
Even with their opponents no show, the Bottom Boyz were eager to compete.  They made several attempts to persuade the Lauderdale Bucs to play against them.  The Bottom Boyz have not lost a game since the season began, scoring 60 points in their last game.  
The Bottom Boyz are scheduled to play the Lauderdale Bucs Tuesday, October 11, and Aristotle will compete against the Rebels.
There are nearly 20 sports and events in the Intramural Sports Program.  These sports are organized to provided opportunities for students, faculty and staff members to take part in competitive and non-competitive recreational sports activities.  If interested in playing intramural sport flag football or any intramural sport, form a team and register.  
For more information about the intramural sports program stop by the FAMU Recreation Center, located on the corner of Wahnish and Osceola, or visitwww.famu.edu/campusrec.