Ladies Seek to Continue Volleyball Win Streak

The Florida A&M Lady Rattlers look to win their fourth game in a row and remain perfect on their three-game home stand as they prepare for the Lady Bears of Mercer.

But victory may not be easy.

“Before the last three losses against Mercer, the Lady Rattlers were undefeated against them.” head coach Tony Trifonov said. “They have improved a lot over the past few years, but we are a little more inexperienced as well.”

In the last few games, the Lady Rattlers have used two setters, which gives the offense and outside hitters a better look.

“Their offense is starting to get better because of the two setters on the floor and also the team is starting to gel,” Trifonov said. “When both of our setters play well and we can play the 6-2 system. We are a lot more successful.”

Outside hitter Bianca Rucker said the team must believe in itself in order to overcome the obstacles of the season.

“The team must play with confidence and play loose if they want to win this game,” Rucker said. “We have to be comfortable as well as confident during the game and we have to play consistent.”

She went on to say that the quicker the team starts, the better.

“Mercer is an emotional team, so we have to dominate early and not give them momentum,” Rucker said.

Pamela Barrera said the team has figured itself out and is ready to start competing for the conference crown.

“The momentum the team has gathered from the wins now has the team feeling they can defeat Mercer,” Barrera said. “We would practice so hard but we wouldn’t see results. Now we’re confident we can win.”

Trifinov attributed the new-found success to the team returning to the basics of the sport.

“The team has gotten back to fundamental volleyball and hopefully that can carry over in the game,” Trifonov said.

He said the win streak should continue with the team starting to gel.

“We hope that the three wins will give us confidence,” Trifinov said. “They have a good team and it’s going to be a tough match, but hopefully we will get into a rhythm, and defeat them.”

The Lady Rattlers play 6 p.m. today at the Al Lawson Center.