David Duncan: From Walk-on to Team Leader

At 6 feet 2 inches, and 192 pounds, David Duncan has the leadership qualities of a man twice his size.

The third-year physical education student from Starke, Fla. ,graduated from Bradford High School and walked on to the Florida A&M baseball team in 2008.

Since then, he has been an essential addition to the team, earning a scholarship from FAMU in his second year.

Head coach Willie Brown said he is happy that Duncan is a member of the team.

“He is the best candidate for leadership I have seen when it comes to rallying troops, getting messages out and leading by example. He’s one of the best I have,” Brown said.

When asked about the coach’s comments, Duncan said he had a strong upbringing.

“I’m honored at the coach’s words. My parents always told me to keep God first and lead by example,” Duncan said.

Since the age of two, Duncan was taught to swing a bat with the help of his father, Stewart Duncan.

In high school, Duncan played pitcher, first, second and third base, earning him First All-Area Pitcher and First All-Area Utility Player.

Duncan said he worked countless hours training with his father. It makes Duncan happy when he sees his parents watching him from the bleachers.

“My father comes to almost every home game on the weekends. Just knowing him and my mother are in the stands strengthens me,” he said. “I perform better and those are my best games.”

Duncan spent his time in Starke perfecting his craft in baseball with his father, brother and cousins.

Baseball is the Duncan family sport. His brother, Jonathan Duncan, played baseball for Santa Fe Community College in Gainesville and transferred to Saint Leo University in Saint Leo.

Duncan relies on baseball as an opportunity to achieve a higher goal. He said those same chances aren’t offered in his hometown.

“My love for the game is what makes me strong because I want to play pro ball,” he said. “I do what I do to make my hometown proud. In Starke, you either work at the prison or you get locked up in the prison.”

Duncan has his mind set on what he wants to do and won’t let anything deter that goal.

“God blessed me with the ability to play baseball and having this blessing in my life since the time I was born has helped me,” he said. “My parents always taught me to set your goals high and achieve them.”