Forum Gives Sneak Peek at Entertainment Industry

In a country that boasts the highest unemployment rates for college graduates since the 1970s, according to Bureau of Labor Statistics, many students are grabbling towards anything that will allow them to have a leg up against the competition.

“It’s hard out there trying to find a job,” said Tim Broggs, a 2009 graduate from Florida A&M School of Business and Industry. “With the way the economy is going, everyone is fighting for the same covenant role of employment. It’s very dog-eat-dog right now.”

On Tuesday, in Lee Hall Auditorium from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., Leveraging Up will host the Entertainment College Outreach Program.

Students and faculty will have the opportunity to talk with some of today’s most successful and well-known companies: CBS, Disney, Dreamworks Animation SKG, NBC, Universal, OWN and Sony.

JaMeshia Tucker, a third year music theory student from Miami, said, “I’m so enthused about this event, I know there are so many different opportunities out there for us, it’s our job to go out and seek them.”

The event promises students the chance to learn the skills it takes to be successful.

Students should bring an updated resume and are required to dress in professional attire

The program will be dissected into three different events. 11 a.m.- noon: “Navigating a Career in the Entertainment Industry,” hosted by Stacy Milner, president of

Noon-1 p.m. – “Industry Expert Panel,” A question and answer session.

1 p.m. – 3 p.m. – A “recruitment session” with the industry’s top representatives.

Students who are interested in attending this event can register at