Students Welcome BET College Tour

Live music, free food and the chance to be seen on national television was enough to keep Rattlers’ homecoming spirits high.

This year, Florida A&M marked its 10th year collaboration with the BET College Tour.

Students leaving class gathered around a huge stage to cheer on their friends during the freestyle rap battle, while others earned bragging rights during the 3-point basketball shoot out.

Students and BET staff members were running the career booth and handing out information regarding internships and entry level positions for recent graduates.

Students were also given BET paraphernalia in exchange for free HIV tests.

“Bobby Jones Gospel Hour” producer and Bethune-Cookman University graduate Davon Bagley bonded with FAMU students while they visited the “Rap It Up” booth.

“I love coming to FAMU,” said Bagley. “Even though this is my rival school, I love the students here and this is one of the few schools I actually look forward to visiting.”

FAMU’s SGA provided barbecue for students to enjoy while networking and booth-hopping.

There was also shaved and Italian ice.

The U.S. Army used push-up and sit-up contests to advertise potential recruits.

Ladies stood in line for free makeup samples provided by Cover Girl. Party promoters, DJs and models walked around distributing club flyers.

Lines grew longer for the Michael Jackson experience game on Wii, while unsigned artists had their voices heard in a televised singing contest.

Ashley Moore, a senior Biology student, was excited to see friends she hadn’t seen in a long time.

“I love to see all my classmates come together like this,” said Moore “We are all having a good time and I like that. What I don’t like is how my classroom was empty today, though.”

Twaney Harding, a third-year finance student, said he is always excited about homecoming festivities.

“The atmosphere here is electrifying, ” said Harding. “It has me pumped for the rest of the week.”

At the conclusion of the tour, students had less than three hours to prepare for the next homecoming event – the fashion show.