Nothing to ‘Bragg’ About

Bragg Memorial Stadium, the site of tomorrow’s homecoming game, may not be up to the fire and safety code.

The 25,500-seat venue has a number of safety violations and errors that have yet to be addressed.

According to the Florida Building Code, stairs that ascend more than two risers are required to have continuous handrails.

The stadium’s railing goes up through the first six stairs and not a step further.

Architects who inspect the building and the fire department handle violations of the code; neither have done anything about the requirements.

Racquel Montgomery, a senior business administration student from Boca Raton, Fla., said she never attends the games because of the unsafe nature of the stands.

“I can’t imagine being up that high without anything to hold on to. People don’t realize that if those games are packed beyond the stadium capacity then they are endangering their own life as well as the livesaround them,” Montgomery said.

She also fears for children who attend the games. She said they will have the biggest obstacle if an emergency were to happen.

“How would parents get them out of the game fast enough if something occurred? The chances of that happening are minimal, but who is to say something similar won’thappen,” Montgomery said.

Adrian Carter, a graduate architecture student from Fort Lauderdale, said the hike to the top of the stairs is less of a hassle than some make it out to be.

“It really isn’t that serious,” Carter said. “I look at it as exercise. I have gotten used to it and kind of enjoy it now. I can see who is all at the game on my way up.”

Football head coach Joe Taylor said despite the hazards of the stadium, the fans’ continuous support creates a greater will to win for his team.”We have a dedicated fan base and they come out to the games no matter what the circumstances,” Taylor said. “The team is always confident inthe fact that we have the community’s unwavering support.”

Melvin Randall, a freshman criminal justice student, said the schoolwould be better served if the school would take the initiative to fix it.

“The administration knows that the stadium isn’t up to code,” Randall said. “But, as students, what can we do aside from deal with it and continue to support our team?”

The homecoming game will be tomorrow versus the Howard University

Bison (2-3, 1-3 in the MEAC) at 3 p.m. in the stadium.