Bison Burgers Anyone?

Tomorrow’s match up against the MEAC’s 9th ranked Howard University Bison (2-3, 1-2 in the MEAC) shouldn’t be much of a contest. Let’s just tell the truth and shame the devil. You never schedule anyone on your homecoming that has a viable chance to beat you.

Conference game or not, the logic behind scheduling one of the lesser in-division foes during homecoming every year is sheer brilliance. The atmosphere is set up perfectly for a good time for the home team.

There is music, mamacitas, and a good ol’ fashion mauling against some putrid excuse for a collegiate football team.

I intentionally saved some of the history of the match up from my preview only so that I could drive this opinionated monologue home.

If, and this is a really huge if, the Bison magically receive Adrian Peterson and Michael Vick in the first ever NFL-collegiate trade and go on to beat the Rattlers, it would be only their second conference victory of the last five seasons.

The team tallied two conference victories in 2007 and proceeded to go on a 29-game conference-losing streak.

Don’t worry, there is more. This will be the 34th meeting between the two teams, with FAMU leading the series 27-6. FAMU is also on a six-game win streak against the Bison.

The last time the Bison beat the Rattlers was in Bragg Stadium in 2002, when the team came and stole a 28-24 win from right under the Rattlers nose.

Coach Joe Taylor always seems to get into the homecoming spirit ever year, as he is 2-1 in homecoming games during his four-year tenure.

In the grand scheme of things, it doesn’t matter about all the stats and/or the history of this match up. When the guys line up between those white lines tomorrow, the entire campus will be there in support of the better team.

No matter how anyone want to turn it, we are just better than they are. So in the spirit of homecoming, I have decided to go against all laws of media ethics and put my own selfish bias into the paper for this one and only time (for those of you who know the truth I do it quite often).

One more thing, When the dark clouds blah blah blah… Strike Strike and Strike again. LETS GO FAMU.