SGA Wants Discrimination Policy Changed

Protection for Florida A&M’s LGBT students may happen sooner than anticipated.

On Sept. 28, The Famuan published a story about a transgendered TCC student who claimed she was discriminated against by FACES Modeling Troupe based on her sexual identity.

At Monday’s weekly Senate meeting, Student Body President Breyon Love, announced his recommendation to the Board of Trustees to change the Non-Discrimination Regulation to include sexual orientation.

“A lot of students were complaining about our regulation, and how it excludes sexual orientation and gender identity,” Love said.

“It’s our job as student government to make sure we have an inclusive representation of every student on our campus,” said Love, a business administration student from Conyers, Ga.

“We’ve been in touch with the Office of Equal Opportunity Programs, as well as the Office of the General Counsel to get the policy change,” said SGA Chief of Staff Michael Jefferson.

Jefferson said the process is in the beginning stages, but SGA is, and has been working feverishly to have the regulation revised.

“As member of the board, Love really believes the policy needs to be changed,” Jefferson said of the proposal, which at this time, only includes sexual orientation.

“The primary goal is sexual orientation, but we are working to include gender identity as well,” said Jefferson, a third-year environmental sciences student from Indianapolis.

Vice President of Student Affairs William Hudson Jr. agrees with Love’s decision to take the recommendation before the board.

“Discrimination of any kind is unfair,” Hudson briefly said.

“It’s a good idea, everyone should have equal opportunity,” said Da’Shon Hayes, a music student from Tallahassee.

“Students should automatically be protected. They should change it, because what student would want to attend a school at which they are not protected,” said Josiane Augstin, an education student from Port St. Lucie, Fla.