Health and Safety Come First

The Hansel Tookes gym basketball court was rearranged to accommodate a different kind of healthy scene on Tuesday.

Dozens of students, faculty, staff and alumni converged on the recreation center to get their blood pressure, diabetes, hearing and vision checked at the Third Annual Health and Safety Day.


“The goal of the health fair this year is to engage as many people in our campus community and local community to see about all the services available to them,” said one of the organizers, Tanya Tatum, director, University Student Health Center.


“I hoping student will be more aware of their health and learn about the different things they can do to help maintain their health. Eat well and stay active.”



The event, which was themed “lengthening our live,” was a joint effort of the Office of Student Activities, University Student Health Center and the Annual Health and Safety Day Committee.


Various screenings were being provided at no cost. Participants could receive counseling for various mental health issues and even have their hearing and vision checked.


Over 100 community partners attended.


Many people at the fair also took part in a raffle. Darion Bentley, 19, a first-year elementary education student from St. Petersburg, won a Compaq laptop that was provided by Wal-Mart, one of the community partners. The prizes ranged from gift cards, EMS blankets to apple shaped cutting boards.



“I am doing community service hours for my health class with Dr. Okeke. I just came to do my community service hours,” said Bentley.


He was ecstatic because didn’t have a computer and was relying on the library to complete all of his work. “I think it is God because I needed a laptop,” he said.


Among the booths at the event were some that gave information on asthma, diabetes, HIV/AIDS, mental health and cancer, ailments that affect many in the black community.


“The Annual Health and Safety Day to me is the single most important event of homecoming,” said Mildred P. Brickler, faculty chair of Annual Health and Safety Day