Education doesn’t require excess spending

Glitz and glamour have always been a main composite of Florida A&M’s Homecoming. Students will often spend their last in hopes of making a statement for the annual extravaganza.

In a world where college homelessness is at its peak and campus bookstore sales are low, this is a problem.

With refund checks having been disbursed, driving rental cars is just as imperative as wearing new clothes. I’m all for having your own source of transportation, yet the thought of renting a car just to drive through the Set for two days sounds like a fail to me.

However, I suppose it would be more fashionable to spend $500 for a temporary car than taking the campus shuttle or the city bus for free.

It seems as if the new tradition is to spend now and worry about financial survival later. Who cares about life after next week? I remember the days when a school’s homecoming was about school spirit and a sense of unity.

In those days, one could simply wear something out of the closet and share the same rattler experience we seek today. To look nice on campus is one thing, but to negate educational duties to do so is a bit irresponsible.In the past, FAMU’s homecoming has also served an excuse not to attend class. In fact, some professors submit to the tumbleweeds blowing through their classrooms and cancel class for the week altogether.

It is true that Homecoming is about having fun, and engaging in activities with fellow Rattlers. However, students need to remember that Life at FAMU is not a week-long block party. Yes, students should enjoy themselves, but they also must be mindful of why they originally came here. Students are here for education, not just celebration.

Even with the big budget concerts, and a growing amount of participants each year, the spirit of FAMU Homecoming seems to be lost.

Students and faculty alike need to get it together and keep one thing in mind as they partake in this week’s itenerary: There is life after homecoming. Enjoy yourself responsibly.