Decent fashion still applies for homecoming

As students, alumni and Rattler fans prepare for celebration of homecoming week; one defining issue is on everyone’s mind. It may be a bigger issue than what events they plan to attend to ensure a good time and possibly more important than reserving a ticket to guarantee a good seat for the square- off against Delaware State. Well, what might this prominent issue be you may be wondering. Why, it’s the matter of wardrobe.

Since my admission into this illustrious university, it is no secret that Rattlers take immense pride in what they wear once they step foot on campus. Who wants to be seen looking less than par? So homecoming is definitely no exception. Unfortunately, many Rattlers don’t realize their forward fashion is looking more like a question than a statement.

I walk into my classes and constantly witness students push the limits of attire. I see ladies wearing shorts that should have been passed down to their 12-year-old sister. Some wearing tops that show blinding belly-button rings or less than classy cleavage depending on how you wear them and stretchy jeans that are screaming for release before the wrong moves turn them into shredded jeans. Many guys are a victim of “fashion faux pas” as well. Shirts that reference unnecessary body parts are all too tasteless and I still haven’t grasped the concept of saggy pants while still wearing a belt.

Some teachers have tried to ease the madness by incorporating dress code expectations in the classroom. As a journalism student, I can find many references to proper dress code in almost all of my class syllabuses. After class attendance rules and course standards, you may find ‘Students should be professional in their demeanor, language and appearance’ under classroom decorum. Students should be aware that while you’re showcasing your appearance to peers, your professors are drawing judgment as well. Don’t let that outfit you thought was cute be your decline to the reference letter you need upon graduation.

Yes, what we wear exudes not only our personal style, our personal creativity and individual uniqueness, but there has to be a line drawn between looking good and looking like god-knows-what. As homecoming rolls around, students should know that your flair of fashion is always attracting attention. Not just to you, but to FAMU as a whole. Let your wardrobe reflect a positive light as we step into homecoming with high spirits and high fashion. Swag.