Students Choose New Leaders

Florida A&M students chose new freshmen and graduate leaders in Tuesday’s election. FAMU’s election commission must plan run-off elections for Freshman President and Vice President, following a close finish from the top-two pairings.

It will be a battle of the sexes as Brian D. White and running-mate Joshua Parson take on Keonna Welch and Beraiah Baker for roles as Freshman President and Vice President, respectively. The election commission did not say when the run-offs would be.

Students chose Dominique James for freshman attendant.

Freshmen senators this term will include Evan Bailey, Modjinah “Mo” Coby, Alexa Guy, Tonnette S. Graham, Ronnie C. Graham, Kevin Lee, Carl X. McMillian and Gladys Murray.

Graduate President and Vice President are Tiffany Ramsey and Jimmy Thomas. Graduate Senators Angel St. Forde, Candra J. Williams, and Nathaniel Williams. Jasmine Miles is the Graduate Attendant.

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