Students Must Get Politically Active

Seems like just yesterday Barack Obama was elected into office. Now, it’s about time to vote for America’s 45th president. For some reason, I am not as confident that we will have the record turnout of votes as we did in 2008. 

Am I optimistic? A little, but reality seems to be slapping me in the face and telling me that it might not happen again.

This is more or less a plea and a simple reminder that when it is time to make your voice heard that you won’t skip out and decide to remain silent.

Until something happens that you don’t agree with, that is. I’m not going to sit here and tell you who to vote for. That’s your decision. But what I will say is this: America does not need another republican president. Yeah, I said it.

The right to vote is a precious one, and one that should not be taken lightly. I know who I am voting for. But that does not mean that I’m not going to watch the republican debates. Most of which I end up yelling or laughing at because of something the candidate said.

The sad part is, most of what they are saying, they are serious about. Their ideas and stances are, in my book, jokes. My point is, that regardless of what we believe, think or view, we should hear all sides of the story, simply for comparison and contrast reasons. This country needs to stand up once again and vote for the better candidate to lead the nation.

It’s fair to say that Barack Obama has a hill to climb. He has since day one of his presidency. And with the republicans and even some of his fellow party members trying to derail his plans, the hill has become even steeper and harder to climb.

But that does not mean what he has done so far for this country should go unnoticed.

It is going to take more than four years to clean up the mess that George W. Bush made during his two-term presidency. And let me be honest, bringing in another Republican president is not going to help in the least.

Like I said, you do what you will. But, I think one cowboy running this country was enough. Don’t you?

So, get ready, pay attention and be in line when its time to vote. America needs it.