‘Q’Pon Queens’ Help Students Cut Costs

On Tuesday, Sept. 27 the founder of “Q’Pon Queens” Vonda Gainer will host the College Coupon Connection at the Palmetto Phase III Apartments from 7 p.m. – 9 p.m.

Co-hosts of the event are Kimberley Williams, director of business development for the Q’Pon Queens and Gainer’s son, Logan Evans, a Florida A&M University third-year business student and resident assistant of Phase III.

“The event was my idea,” Evans said. “I gained knowledge about couponing, so I asked my mother to do it.”

Gainer said the event will be informative to students who want a different way to budget their money without having to heavily cut back on their amount of groceries.

“Loans have doubled and there are very few work-study jobs for students,” Gainer said. “I’m finding a way to take that edge off.”

The workshop will be the largest event Gainer has hosted, and she will display examples of how to effectively use coupons while shopping. Every item displayed will be given away at the end of the night to students.

“I don’t want to take any of the items home,” Gainer said. “I want to give back to the students

Gainer’s business began through Facebook in April, but she never expected her fan base to reach to so many students.

“I have students contacting me about how to use a certain coupon, even guys,” Gainer said.

In addition to refreshments being served, Gainer will also reveal the college connection group she has formed that will benefit students in the future.

While hosting other events at churches and teaching her own classes on couponing, Gainer plans to conduct another college event very soon.

“I have another one in the works and I expect this event to do very well,” Gainer said.