Simply Marvelous prepare for tournament play


Despite the disappointing efforts of the defense, the Florida A&M Lady Rattler flag football team, Simply Marvelous, won its game against FSU Foundation 24-12. 

The Lady Rattlers took the field at Messer Park with a different attitude than that of last week’s game.  The warm up routine this week made the team a lot more confident in their performance on the field. 

 “We did way better in this game than we did last game. We were able to warm up which made a big difference in the energy that we had on the field,” sophomore quarterback Erica Collins said.

 The team won’t play against another female team until they make it to the league tournaments.

“Playing against men, we just get to play how we normally play. Playing guys is way different than playing with girls, so I think we have an extra advantage,” Collins said.

The struggling defensive line of the Lady Rattler team also made a difference in the outcome of the game.  They were able to pick up the slack a little more which helped the offense score the two much needed touchdowns that helped the win.

“I think we played good, last time we had a lot of struggles on defense and this time we capitalized a little bit more.  Our offense was obviously a little more productive getting up and down the field.  We made a couple mistakes on defense, they gave away about 12 points I wish they could have capitalized on that a little more but overall we did well,” Green said.

These games are the team’s preparation for tournament play, which is what they really want to play for.

“This league is really to get us ready for tournament play. We don’t get to play against women in Tallahassee, so this league is really to prepare us for our tournament play which starts in late October,” Green said. “I’m really excited; I always say I don’t care if we go 0-8. I don’t want to go 0-8, but this is really preparing us for when we go up against female competition.”