Coming Soon: FAMU’s Rec TV to Local Airwaves

The Hansel E. Tookes Recreation Center’s newest project is Recreation TV.

The “Rec TV” project started over 10 years ago when Director of Recreation Bob Carroll wanted to have an audio-video program. Carroll used to go to intramural events with a hand held video camera and record them.

“He asked me if I would help him to develop this area,” Rodger Chantrielle said.

A graduate of Florida A&M’s architecture program, Chantrielle serves as head of communications for campus recreation and supervises the “Rec TV” project..

“We are all about building connections down here at the campus rec,” he said. “If we have an event with Student Government or Student Activities we will go out and cover the event.”

Rec TV is designed to give students recognition for getting involved with campus recreation, Chantrielle said. It is an interactive project that the campus recreation staff hopes will get more students involved with recreational activities.

Fred Johnson, Mr. FAMU, and Jarrell Baker are among the student volunteers with campus Rec TV. Volunteers undergo 100 hours of training and commit to working 10 hours a week with the project.

“We want students to play and be seen,” Chantielle said.

George “Chip” Himbach, fitness and wellness coordinator, said this new initiative is a great marketing opportunity.

“I think it is a great way to get the word out about what we do down here at campus recreation. If we have another source of promotion then the rec center is only going to be better,” Himbach said.

Brandon Smith, a junior environmental science student from Chicago, is excited about the prospect of getting airtime.

“I can’t wait until the intramural basketball season starts up. I’m sure campus recreation TV will make it more interesting,” Smith said.

Campus Recreation TV will be broadcast throughout campus, with its main focus being the dorms.

Campus recreation will debut its channel in January 2012.