Building your brand on social networks

Twitter after dark has to be one of the most outrageous Twitter trends that has become a norm. Thousands of Twitter users put their fingertips to work by tweeting their every sexual want and need. Reckless tweeters assume it will gather a little attention from a few followers, but it gets attention from more than the intended audience.

Behavior that is just as distasteful can be found on Facebook. It’s not rare to see risqué photos of girls standing in front of a bathroom mirror wearing “short-shorts” and showcasing their cleavage while wearing a grin that seems to call out “Come and get it!”

What happens when the rest of the world sees this? What are you going to do when an opportunity comes knocking on the door of your Twitter timeline or Facebook feed and it turns right around because of what’s displayed there?

Everybody and everything has a brand now. If you want a serious career in a certain field, don’t ruin your reputation before you ever get an interview.

As an intern for Victoria’s Secret PINK, my boss has asked me to recommend potential applicants. Before I ever recommend anyone, I check their Facebook page. It’s nothing personal, but Victoria’s Secret has a brand and so do I.

Companies are riding down the same information superhighway as we are and we have to be careful not to crash. A lot of times people say “It’s just Facebook” or “My friends are the only ones who see it.” That may be true, but I was friends with a lot of the applicants I was asked about.

Take a look at your list of Faecbook friends or Twitter followers. How many of them genuinely know you or your character? All they have to go off of are the photos, statuses and tweets that you produce—that’s your brand! Let’s not forget that friends can bring an opportunity your way. They can also help you achieve success. It’s networking, remember?

This is the digital age. People have been offered internships via Facebook messages and jobs via direct messages on Twitter. Don’t let opportunity think twice about knocking—or adding you as a friend. It’s like my mother always says, everything done in the dark will come to light—even if it is on Twitter.