Bowling Team Focuses on MEAC Championship

As the Florida A&M bowling team prepares for a new season, they keep one goal in mind: The Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference Championship.

Graduate student and team captain Lauren Mathews said the team’s state of mind will lead it to the championship.

“In preparation for the season, we are doing things different and changing our mindset,” Mathews said. “Bowling is a mental game, so being able to focus is key.”

The team’s first chance to win a national title will be at the Wildcat NCAA Invitational in Daytona Beach, Fla. The competition will be from Oct. 28-30.

“I expect for my team to do great things,” Mathews said. “I have faith in my team and we will overcome any obstacles or challenges that we face on our journey to the top.”

Janell Dykes agreed, and attributes the team’s family-like bond to its future successes.

“The relationship that my teammates and I have is like any other sport, which is a tight bond. We are like family to one another; there are no individuals on this team,” Dykes said. “We know each other’s downfalls. Where one person is weak, there is someone else on the team who is strong in that particular area.”

Even though the season has not started, the team has begun to prepare for the tournaments. Dykes said by the time the season comes they will already have a routine.

Head coach, Sheila Martin said that even though she lost about five team members, there is some new talent. Freshmen JeTauwn Griffin, Carrie Hopkinson and Wittney Myers will join the team this season.

“We haven‘t started up yet, but when we do it will be time to revamp,” Martin said.