Upward Bound’s Epic Magazine Brings Success

Florida A&M’s Upward Bound students established U.B. Epic Magazine, a multi-media web publication.

Michelle Hayes, a media advisor and publicist for U.B. Epic, said the magazine was founded by students this summer.

“The magazine began its process late June as a media project and evolved into a really dynamic web publication,” Hayes said.

Hayes said the magazine is about stories that are relevant to FAMU Upward Bound students who are involved in activities that are uncommon and innovative.

“Professional development training, training in new media technology and journalism, music production, architectural projects, dynamic field exposure trips and various recreational activities are student experiences,” Hayes said.

Hayes said the FAMU Upward Bound director, Geraldine Seay, was interested in letting us come in to work with the students on this media project. She said student exposure to innovative ways of education is essential to their future success.

Hayes said students accomplished tasks in as little as four weeks, a time frame that takes some people months.

U.B. Epic will have its second issue in the fall and will be available mid-December Hayes said.

“We are excited because now every semester there will be a new issue,” Hayes said. “The fall issue is dedicated to our move to the School of Business and Industry.”

Kawachi A. Clemons, director and assistant professor for the Institute for Hip Hop and Music Industry Studies, is supportive of the youth in the Upward Bound program.

“When the opportunity came up to partner with Upward Bound, it was something I didn’t have to think twice about,” said Clemons.

The goal of the Institute for Hip Hop and Music Industry Studies is to look at ways of providing arts education to youth.

Issac Carter, a 21-year-old music industry studies student from Tampa, has worked with students in the Upward Bound Program.

“It opens their eyes to opportunities. I hope that they gain the knowledge and know that anything that they want to do they can go to school for,” Carter said.

For students who are interested in volunteering and for additional information on U.B. Epic, visit famu.edu/upwardbound.