Golf Coach Plays for New Team

New Director of Student Activities Marvin Green is anxious to help students reach their full potential during his tenure.

“It’s exciting. It gives me a chance to touch so many students,” Green said.

Green has many duties in his new capacity. He oversees the operation of 140 programs, advises the Student Government Association and puts on activities for the student body that enhances them educationally, socially and culturally.

Green has spent the past 23 years at FAMU, including his undergraduate from the School of Business. He contributed to the growth and expansion of Campus Recreation.

Green said he is excited about being able to impact students’ lives from outside of the classroom.

“It doesn’t matter whether your major is accounting or pharmacy,” Green said. “What makes your experience different is what happens outside of the classroom.”

He also wants to challenge students to give their best effort outside of the classroom.

“We have to challenge our students with critical thinking and what they are getting out of the organizations they join,” Green said. “We want people who come here and recruit our students. We want something of that person’s overall makeup that makes them different,” Green said.

He is eager to hear student reaction and feedback to all off-campus activities. Green said all the events occurring such as intramural, aerobics and basketball makes it exciting for him to touch these students.

“I feel like out of the 13,000 students, my office will touch 8000 or 9000 because of people who participate or are affected by the events we put on in this office,” Green said. “I want to create a program where students receive a leadership certificate from the office of student activities,” Green said.

Green wants his office to become known for more than homecoming events and be-out day. He also has interesting suggestions for already popular events.

“Set Fridays won’t change, but we could put a twist on them. Not always just have hip-hop music, sometimes have an R&B ban. Can we have Jazz band come on the set on Friday,” Green said.

Green said we are doing our students a disservice if we only show them one side of the African American culture.

“I want to expose people to the minority students on campus, who might be from another country or culture. We want a person to feel like at FAMU different cultures come together for their college experience,” Green said.

Green aims to live up to and even beyond the mission statement of Campus Recreation.

“I want the students to know the office is always open and we will do anything we can to provide what the students need,” Green said.