Students Cash in on Their NetChecks


‘Celebrate Your YOUniqueness’ is its slogan. Last Thursday made one month since Younique 1 Boutique (Y1B) has been in business. Its creators are two Florida A&M students.

E’Dena Johnson and Niekeisha Pryce said that they used their summer Financial Aid net checks to open their first business. 

“We stepped out on faith,” said Johnson. 

Y1B is a small boutique that sells women’s apparel. The two believe you can be fierce without revealing everything, and describe the clothing style as ‘Godly glamour’

Angela Brown, 24, has shopped at the boutique twice since it opened. 

“It’s a nice cozy environment,” Brown said. “I’ve never seen a boutique with such diversity. You can find clothes for all purposes: dinner, going-out or school.”

Johnson and Pryce said they utilized all of their resources when they decided to take a chance as entrepreneurs, including the Small Business Development Center, a branch of FAMU’s School of Business and Industries.

The center offers technical assistance to current or aspiring business owners in the eight counties it serves. It helps with anything from start-up to management to expansion.

“College students need extra money, which is why we started our business,” said Pryce. “We’ll work with anyone who comes in the store to shop where prices are concerned.”

Inspiration for the name lies behind the founders’ desire for customers to celebrate what is unique about them as individuals. 

“They always want to keep up with trends or dress like the next person,” said Johnson “We want people to celebrate their own uniqueness.”

One thing that makes Y1B unique is that it gives back to the community and works with young girls. 

The company is looking for volunteers for its first workshop for high school girls, which will involve lessons on etiquette, makeup application, appropriate attire and professionalism.

The two students encourage others to use their extra money to invest in themselves. 

“Don’t waste your net checks on things that depreciate,” Pryce said. “Be hungry and stay grounded. If it’s your passion go after it, don’t wait for an ‘okay’ from a person to validate. It’s about you and God.”

Pryce said people can expect to see casual, comfortable looks for the Fall and Winter soon in the store. 

Y1B is located at 2110 South Adams St- Suite B. Hours of operation are Sunday from 2 p.m. – 7 p.m.;Mon.-Sat. from noon – 10 p.m. For more information visit