Millennial Rattlers Remember 9/11 Well

A day that may still be a vivid memory to some is September 11, 2001–– the day that many lives were lost as well as the lives of people’s loved ones. On that day, some people can recall exactly where they were and what they were doing. The freshman class at Florida A&M University seems to remember the day well:

Steve Voltaire, 18, first-year occupational therapy student from Riviera Beach, Fla.

I remember I was in the third grade and right before P.E. class our teacher came in and told us class was canceled, turned on the T.V. and we saw people staring at the towers. We didn’t really understand what was going on but our teacher started explaining to us how many people were dying and everything and all the sacrifices that were made that day.

Damion Rose, 18, first-year criminal justice student from West Palm Beach

I was in my church aftercare and I walked in and I saw my pastor watching something on T.V. I wasn’t sure what was really going on. It was something about two towers so I walked over there, there was really no one around, then all of a sudden towers fell, and I thought it was previously recorded or something so I didn’t really think anything of it until later on when I found out what was really going on.

Brian White, 18, first-year Business administration student from Philadelphia

I was a third-grader in Philadelphia sitting in my classroom and all of a sudden, I remember my teacher got a call over the intercom. She just sat down in fear and started crying and then she said, “Class something bad has happened.” A lot of the kids got scared. We were actually sent home from school to be with our parents.

Amani Bailey, 18, first-year psychology student from Riverdale, Ga.

We were about to make a volcano then they made us go inside and we saw the plane crash. I was confused.